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Wearing sunglasses for driving the most appropriate. It's light brown

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
In summer, increasing significantly with sunglasses for driving. Sunglasses can reduce the effects of sunlight on the line of sight in a certain extent, but due to the current sunglasses quality good and bad are intermingled, plus there is a risk of driving behavior, should carefully choose and buy sunglasses, in order to avoid to drive buried safe hidden trouble. Sunglasses factory 8201 sunglasses black market price 278 RMB sunglasses factory price is RMB 98 immediately save 180 'safety first', foshan hospital of doctor of vice director of Zhu Hai remind consumers don't buy the 'blue light' sun glasses, try to choose dark brown or gray. In addition, wearing dark sunglasses, to create a very dark environment eyes, easy to cause the pupil dilation, long-term wear can cause certain damage to the eyes. The expert points out, if you use a seat at the top of the screen can solve the problem of sunlight anti, generally do not recommend the use of the sun glasses. High quality sunglasses can effectively reduce the impact on the human eye light, but there will be more or less effect to eyesight. As a high-risk behavior, driving to the environment of misjudgment easily lead to accidents.
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