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Wearing sunglasses how eye makeup

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Pay attention to wear sunglasses, eye makeup can not be ignored. When you wear dark sunglasses, eye shadow to change is strong; If the lens color is light, eye shadow is broad and slightly less, eyeliner painted black, clear, and make through the lens of the eye appears in depth. Using the wide lens sunglasses, can strengthen eye end makeup, method is made close to the lens color monochromatic eye shadow, from deep to shallow, make loom; As for the narrow lens sunglasses, eye makeup is a very natural, the painted round eye shadow, or with eyes size range, is a charming is spruce. If wear framed sunglasses, eye makeup you some more trendy, besides to framed color eye color, eye shadow part can be used with framed color contrast to emphasize. For example: purple frame can match the pink eye shadow, light blue frame can match the color red bean paste, grapes, red eye shadow, pink frame can match scarlet, pale red eye shadow, red box is appropriate with grape red eye shadow, so that can make the eye look more have stereo feeling. The color of the lipstick can match with the color of the lens, contrast or color fastens with color, or is given priority to with frame color, is the whole facial contour charismatic.
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