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Wearing sunglasses too long time easy to affect vision

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
The weather gradually hot, also more dazzling sunshine, sunglasses are also becoming more and more. Wearing sunglasses can not only the sun light, still can add fashionable feeling, so many people wear sunglasses all day. Glasses sunglasses factory recommend, wearing sunglasses time too long easily affect vision, unfavorable to wear for a long time. High quality sunglasses can filter out more than 96% of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, effectively protect the eyes, but the inferior sunglasses lens glass quality is poor, make the light refraction, scattering, affect vision. Some deep color lens not only can't filter out uv rays, it will lead to ultraviolet light entering the eye in great quantities, damage the lens, serious when lead to cataract formation. Glasses sunglasses factory expert reminds everybody, no sunglasses for long wear, or susceptible to 'summer sunglasses syndrome'. Wearing sunglasses for a long time, have a headache, be agitated, the symptom such as dizziness, vertigo can't long, serious when will lead to decreased vision, blurred vision.
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