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Weekend getaway for selected three kinds of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
In depressing imprisoned for a week in the office, very not easy look forward to the weekend whether want to go out to have a relax thoroughly under? But in the summer, go out to play don't forget to wear a pair of sunglasses! But now sunglasses so many category, which is suitable for a weekend visit to wear? Sunglasses for the wearer's primary role is to be comfortable; The second function is safe, isolate uv and resist the sand even some accidental impact; After a role is decorated, what kind of nice views. For sunglasses, lens function is more important, can be roughly divided into three categories, which is more suitable for you? 1. Color sunglasses color lens mainly depends on the principle of the ultraviolet irradiation of a special kind of chemical reaction. Its basic only one or two years of life, work principle is in the state of a liquid lens material to add a transparent color factor, the factor with '300 ~ 450 nm wavelength ultraviolet (uv) and part of visible light and slow change color intensity, pervious to light degree is usually influenced by environmental temperature. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box 2 silver leg/lens ashes. Polarized sunglasses three picture below, can be very intuitive understanding of what is a polarized sunglasses. The first one is direct to the naked eye to see the effect, the automobile windshield have reflected image. The second is through filter lens piece to see the effect, can be observed clearly reflected image of the windshield. The third is the effect of look at the past through the polarized sunglasses, can clearly see the windshield of reflection disappeared. Through the three picture can see polarized glasses can effectively eliminate surface because of the light floating light, light, reducing surface color, make the objects we see more accurately. Ms sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue 3. Dyeing lens, filter filter sunglasses sunglasses is actually most polarized glasses, itself is dyed, being here without polarization function of dyeing. This lens has a variety of colors to choose, and different colors for the effects of uv radiation is different also, according to their actual needs to choose. For sunglasses to have a friend needs to be clear, polarized and uv radiation are two different things. Sunglasses uv resistance, ultraviolet resistance depends on the membrane layer, or when the material in the liquid state to add uv absorption material. Inferior sunglasses not only can't block ultraviolet light, could fall because light transmittance, make the pupil larger, more ultraviolet raking, damage the eyes, so we must pay attention to when the choice. General uv protection sunglasses will have the following marks: 1. Labeled 'UV400' : this means that the lens to block below the wavelength of 400 nm uv and visible light; As long as through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 2%, even if qualified; 2. Labeled 'UV', 'UV' : this says the lens to block below 380 nm UV; As long as through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 2%, even if qualified; 3. Labeled '100% UV absorption' : this means that the function of the lens is 100% for UV absorption; But through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 0. 5%, even if qualified. If you want to learn more about sunglasses on the common sense of choose and buy, can focus on sunglasses glasses factory network, encyclopedia of glasses rendering for you anytime and anywhere!
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