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Wei's sunglasses are of good quality?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Wei's sun glasses is a professional polarized sunglasses brand, price is very high, so it's good quality? Small make up to introduce for you. Wei's polarized sunglasses picture frame material USES is of special aluminum magnesium alloy material, picture frame, its characteristic is: quality is light, long wear without oppressive feeling. High durability, very wear-resisting, will not change color deformation for a long time. Strong corrosion resistance, no damage by sweat and other liquid. High strength, has no intention of falling damage. At the same time using anodic oxidation treatment, do not contain any harmful substances, for skin allergy, more acid and alkali. Surface through wire drawing processing, more luster. Or is grind arenaceous processing, make the surface more bright. This frame is very suitable for wear for a long time. Besides the wei's polarized sunglasses lenses polarization technique. Lens is polaroid polarized lens, there are 7 layer lens together. Add hard protective film, enhance the lens of hardness, abrasion scratch resistance. TAC, impact resistance, flexibility is good, not easy to break. UV400TAC lenses, hundred filter out ultraviolet light. PVA polarizing film, hundred filter glare. Sunglasses factory YC9702 general sunglasses C1 black box white leg/lens dazzle colour silver have enthusiastic netizens said: 'can be said to be in the high-end brand of superior quality, able to block out to cause the reflected glare of fatigue, make the glasses and light quality, high hardness, wear up almost didn't wear glasses, just began to wear my old told colleagues find glasses, are right on the nose with it. Although thin lens, consists of 7 layers of material, that is my colleagues accidentally knocked off the ground twice, in good condition. Really, then buy a wei's driver's glasses, really, is very good. '
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