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Weichen metallic glasses with long plait fabulous national goddess!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
In a recent issue of some big star show, new members weichen will be involved, and even cross-dressing ladies! He wears a pair of red metal frame, chest with two long braid, is really beautiful to didn't friend! Weichen why are you so dressed up? Glasses, long queues, qipao goddess of national fan what is the purpose? Original nguyen by heaven and weichen in order to help an old couple find the feeling of young love, decided to personally national relationship drama, staged people just proposed is small day, wear women's clothing is weichen, level is officer killed people. Ms seiko KK0027CPI commercial pure titanium frame small size powder myopia glasses came to two members of the locker room, through the hui nationality kingdom era was finally chosen. To say weichen's figure is really no words, even the women's cheongsam dress, cheongsam of a suit sapphire, beautiful to let a woman have to shut up. Even put on a gown, incarnation dominating the President's small days could not help but express 'weichen, hello! 'However, the two members not the kui is a common lens, flash under various pose - hold hands, hug waist, four eyes relative, amorous, what abuse to what, directly kill all the epics. Really can't help to bring the best 2016 couples in the trophy awarded to the two of you. Weichen is the goddess of the republic of China dress up is so successful, this pair of lady fan with metallic glasses are responsible! A pair of glasses increased weichen ShuXiangQi goddess fan! Sunglasses factory titanium FB60061 red C105 full box code ms myopia glasses frame work of the most important channelled to useful ends, and all the house of the service is also a dragon, of course, made photos, weichen is singing a song with this old couple outside Moscow night, five star service attitude! Have taken to help, why should I worry about bad photo!
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