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Wentworth street sunglasses model when it comes to being

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
T-bag Walsh miller have appeared in Hollywood streets, winter hair sunglasses, a beard, look a little vicissitudes of life, without losing your cool. Recently took the biochemical crisis 4, will comprehensively struggle on the big screen. Winter Walsh miller has a nearly perfect bone structure, the height of 187 cm, black curly hair, but tore his eyes color is different, the left eye to light brown, in the right eye for light green. But wentworth 'secret' in order to cover up his eyes, usually with a colored contact lenses, so can not see the eyes of different color in the picture. His excellent appearance mainly due to his parents, wentworth has complicated lineage, his father has a black American, Jamaica, UK, German jewish descent, mother has France, the Netherlands, Syrian, Lebanese descent, amazing! By the way, carefully studied the elder brother of facial features, skin is really great! Such a delicate face, but do not pretty, handsome, this is 'the best'!
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