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What advantage America lenses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
In order to help athletes in Rio in 2016, the Cleveland sunglasses lens technology after 15 years of research and development, in the spring of 2016 the epoch-making breakthrough, and success in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games got the praise of many top athletes, this is the new spectrum, perceptive America? Lens technology. Let us, therefore also oakleys sunglasses lens through which to see what are the advantages. 1, the spectrum, perceptive? Lens technology for specific movement to fine-tune vision and environment. Such as spectrum, perceptive? Highway lenses can strengthen the vision of light and shade environment at the same time, help rider see pavement subtle changes; Spectrum, perceptive? Red and brown mountain lenses can strengthen so that you can quickly identify sand, rocks, tree roots and other located in the transitional area of the shadow and bright light; Spectrum, perceptive? Golf lenses can enhance contrast to better separation of color, to provide you with further clues, so as to accurately measure the distance and the conditions of the grass; Spectrum, perceptive? Urban outdoor lens hd polarizing technology can make the dark become more warm and full, while boosting the contrast brings more relaxed and pleasant visual experience. 2, the Cleveland spectrum, perceptive? Lens technology can be based on the mechanism of the eyes and the specific environment of the visual requirements, adjust the color filter to enhance your vision. Such as spectrum, perceptive? Lenses can help endurance athletes found road on subtle changes, to make them react faster and achieve the best results; Spectrum, perceptive? Mountain lenses can help to find brown small differences under the background, so you can see the mountain under the condition of the obstacle and the subtle changes of terrain; Spectrum, perceptive? Golf lens can provide you with more detailed clues, make you measure accurately cut short distance, help you easily according to the speed of different grassland condition prediction sphere; Spectrum, perceptive? City outdoor lenses can improve human comfort in a wide variety of light conditions, using the high-resolution polarization technology to keep your eyes and comfortable. Oakleys sunglasses for people who wear recommended reading: famous mountain bike enthusiasts Nino Schurter, Nino, 'he said,' a new spectrum, perceptive? The mountain lenses is a innovation in the field of mountain biking. This lens make me better to see mountain, faster and more safe riding. Using the enhanced red and brown, I can better distinguish mountain under the background of the land, stones and roots. American professional golf 'Zach Johnson Zach Johnson also said,' since the beginning of the new spectrum on the wear America, perceptive? Golf lenses, I can get better clear vision when playing golf. I on line to see more clearly, also can better perceptual speed and green space contour. Oakleys sunglasses how 'recommended reading: in one, the Cleveland and believe that everyone has seen a sunglasses, pictured above, this is the complex surface geometry frameless oakleys sunglasses, lens made can bring concise appearance and wide field of vision.
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