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What are common lenses that material?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Whether hot summer or sunlight bright autumn winter season, sunglasses are indispensable people eye fashion sheet is tasted. For sales of all kinds of sunglasses on the market, the lens can be divided into glass, PC, resin, nylon, AC pills and polarization, and consumers of the common sunglasses lens material is PC, resin pills, three kinds of polarized light. Below, glasses sunglasses factory small make up for you to introduce the material characteristics of several common glasses. PC tablet: choose PC lens sunglasses, mainly because of the PC chip impact resistant ability and safety performance is high, and its quality in all lenses are light, therefore, suitable for sports wear. But this lens is not wear-resisting, therefore in the process of wear need careful nursing. Resin: resin lenses as lenses that big advantage is its overall weight is light, and its impact resistant ability is good, so wear safety and health. This lens has good optical performance, high light transmittance, see things more clearly the truth. But the resin lens wear-resisting scraping resistance is poorer, are easy to be scratched. Using polaroid, polaroid: sunglasses can block the glare, reflective, such as the interference of light to the eyes, to ensure that the eyes healthy and comfortable, especially for driver friend to wear. Mainly is to use the polaroid will only accept a direction to the light, and the light of all the other directions back to filter noise, let the eyes to see things more clearly. Above is the common lenses material related information, if you also want to know more, please feel free to click on sunglasses, glasses factory network you can also through the counseling online customer service related products to buy.
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