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What are double-sided glasses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-28
Today, when the glasses industry is prevalent, the original ordinary frame glasses have progressed to convenient, beautiful, and generous contact lenses or cosmetic lenses. However, for frame glasses, all kinds of weird glasses are born out of thin air, such as hair glasses, smart glasses, cycling glasses and so on. Nowadays, the double-sided glasses appearing on the market have attracted the attention of the masses, so what is double-sided glasses, let me take a look at it with the editor. The double-sided glasses are designed by designer Hyo-Jong Kim. The frame has two sides, one is a black frame, and the other is a silver-white frame, and the lenses are fixed in the frame through various design techniques and various high-tech technologies. superior. The reason why they become double-sided glasses is because the temples can be rotated 180 degrees during the wearing process, and the lens can be rotated more than 360 degrees. The black and silver sides of the frame will be automatically exchanged, so that you can enjoy 'double-sided people.' 'specialty. What are double-sided glasses? In addition to the two-sidedness of the frame, the folding and bending characteristics of the frame and the vertical structure of the temples enhance the three-dimensionality, fashion and novelty of the whole pair of glasses. Between the frame and the frame, a rotating silver-white spiral is used to fix it, which can be rotated at will without affecting the wearing effect of the glasses. In addition, the ultra-tough PC frame material is used, which has a strong memory function, as well as abrasion resistance and impact resistance, which ensures that the eye will not be damaged by the fracture of the frame when wearing, and the safety performance is high.
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