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What are driving mirrors? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-28
Sunglasses and polarized glasses are more likely to be produced in our lives. In fact, driving mirrors are a kind of polarized glasses. They are mainly glasses made by combining the functions of polarized glasses and glasses suitable for driving. Known as driving mirrors, also known as driver sunglasses, it is a kind of glasses that protects the eyes very reliably. Let's take a look at what driving mirrors are. The characteristics of driving mirror Driving mirror is a kind of polarized sunglasses, so its working principle is the same as polarized mirror. Polarizers are made based on the principle of polarization. It can effectively filter the scattered light in the beam, and the light is adjusted to Tongxiang light, and the natural scenery will look very clear. It also filters out cluttered light. When strong light touches the object, it will be reflected or refracted to a certain extent, resulting in harmful glare, and polarized sunglasses can completely absorb these very dazzling strong lights. Polarized sunglasses can isolate harmful light, but do not affect the transmission of visible light. However, using the principle of polarized light can really protect the eyes. The role of the driving mirror The driving mirror can resist glare, especially when driving at night, the strong light emitted by the car not only affects the driver's driving, but also this very dazzling glare is particularly harmful to the eyes. After wearing the driver's mirror, it can effectively absorb and resist glare, so that the field of vision becomes very clear. Driving is also safer. Driving mirrors can be worn not only while driving, but also in outdoor sports, fishing and other environments. The choice of the color of the driving mirror is different, and the filtering of light is different. Red lenses deepen the contrast and are great for snow and water activities. The gray lens can evenly absorb any color spectrum without obvious chromatic aberration, showing the feeling of natural scenery, but the scenery will be darkened. Blue lenses have a higher absorption rate of visible light, which is not conducive to the judgment of traffic lights at night, so it is not suitable for drivers to wear. Green lenses, when absorbing light again, do not absorb heat and can make people feel cool, which is very suitable for resting and wearing in the sun. Brown lenses, which filter out a lot of blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity, and are worn in conditions of air pollution and fog. How to choose the driver's mirror In addition to choosing the color, the style also needs to be selected according to the individual's face shape, in order to be fashionable and safe.
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