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What are glasses for computer viewing? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
Nowadays, our lives are surrounded by LED screens such as computers, mobile phones, and tablet computers. Too much brightness, forgetting to blink, etc. all tire our eyes. Therefore, computer glasses with blocking blue light are also popular. On September 30, 2011, the well-known Japanese glasses brand JINS launched a series of 'JINS PC' computer glasses on a large scale, which made many people have the awareness of anti-blue light. The glasses-specific website GLAFAS introduces how to buy blue-light blocking computer glasses. PC (computer glasses) refers to glasses with a certain degree of blocking effect against the blue light emitted from the screen of the computer or smartphone screen that causes damage to people's eyes and reduces the burden on the eyes. Many people know the JINS PC series of the JINS brand that launched computer glasses earlier. Now, in addition to JINS, many eyewear brands have launched computer glasses series. Many electronic products such as computers, smartphones, and televisions are equipped with the current mainstream LED liquid crystal displays. Among the light emitted by these screens, the blue light with a wavelength of about 450nm will cause a great burden to our eyes. Because now computers, mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products with large screens have become indispensable personal items in many people's work and life. Therefore, in order to protect eyes and eyesight, more and more people are paying attention to computer glasses with anti-blue light function. At present, computer glasses with a blue light blocking rate of about 50% are mainstream products on the market. The color of the lenses is almost transparent, and there will be no chromatic aberration when viewing the screen. For computer glasses with a blue light blocking rate of more than 90%, the color of the lenses will be yellowish, and there will be a certain degree of chromatic aberration when viewing the screen when wearing them.
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