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What are good sunglasses item for this year

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Nice sunglasses always little not be attention, especially every year the new popular style always thinking by fashionable personage, they will feel not wear a pair of good sunglasses, not with fashion agitation ride this year. So nice sunglasses is not only a sunshade tool, but also the spiritual sustenance of fashionable personage and improve the essentials of pretend bility, then let's take a look at what are good sunglasses style this year. 1, cat's eye sunglasses restoring ancient ways; Have you ever thought of restoring ancient ways is this? Lest they should HOLD not to live? Then gently restores ancient ways the cough up! From the visual effect to material is very light, it is that you'll never forget the kind of retro sunglasses. Having a unique style of modelling of the cat's eye, low-key cutout details, especially foil round or oval face. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold 2, mirror slice of sunglasses; This year, all sorts of color reflective sunglasses, let countless people, cool and pioneer feeling, as if facial makeup look another layer of colour makeup regale. 3 sunglasses, round box; Don't take some ancient elements are embarrassed to say his hip. Round frame sunglasses can give you bring a little eccentricity and the modelling of the feeling of restoring ancient ways, the most suitable for a gentleman with strong jaw, because the circular lenses have soften facial hale line effect. Circular frame sunglasses, however, it's easy and will be wearing out of the blind and fortune-teller feeling, so control should be treated with caution. Also need to remind is, the most classic rocks is small round box sunglasses, but pick people, face round basic can need not consider. Better control to the average person is great circle box and round casing deformation version, add more design elements, can match with more rich. 4, aviator sunglasses; Aviator sunglasses again after a variety of forms of improvement and creation, as a manly and sunglasses style restoring ancient ways. Aviator sunglasses are very practical, is suitable for most of the face, and almost all wear on highly collocation, and big drop shape lenses, covering area of whole eye socket, as far as possible to prevent the light into the eyes. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3449 men silver/lens dazzle colour blue 004/55 LeiPengChao frameless lens dazzle colour blue alloy bigger sizes 5, D type sunglasses; Modern fashionable modelling type D sunglass is representative of the modern sunglass design masterpiece, is widely used in the spring and summer of 2016, has a unique sense of the future, the design is very different with traditional glasses. Thick characteristic of type D box, very suitable for round-faced people wear, its shape horn line can provide a round face with balance. 6, color transparent sunglasses; Or thick box, box, circle, square, as long as with color transparent lens, this year will be into the design. The glasses is not loyal to myopic lens fixed, also make an issue of 'small' in colour respect, to wear this mirror seconds back to seventeen or eighteen rebellious period. A lot of fashion brands have designed a similar model. Recommended reading: what winter sunglasses lens color?
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