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What are polarized sunglasses, the role of polarized sunglasses_sunglass knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-23
In simple terms, polarized sunglasses can absorb, filter and reflect scattered light in the air compared to ordinary sunglasses. It can also be said that the polarizing effect of polarized sunglasses can limit the vibration direction in the light to a specific direction, so as to prevent the eyes from being irradiated by harmful light. All in all, in addition to resisting ultraviolet rays, polarized sunglasses can also eliminate glare, stray light, blue light and electromagnetic wave radiation. They are a must-have item for athletes such as frequent driving, running, fishing, and skiing. The role of polarized sunglasses can be derived from two aspects: the first is from the point of view of the material and technology of the lens, the surface layer of the polarized sunglasses is generally hardened and protected by a film, which has strong impact resistance. The next second and sixth layers are anti-UV400 coating layers, which can absorb more than 99.9% of ultraviolet rays. The third and fifth layers are anti-impact strengthening layers, also called TAC polarized lens layers, which have the function of resisting strong external impacts. The middle layer, that is, the fourth layer, is the polarizing layer, which has the function of eliminating glare, blue light and electromagnetic waves, and greatly reducing the damage of light to the eyes. Compared with ordinary sunglasses, the production principle of polarized sunglasses is based on the production principle of polarization, which is developed by using the selective and absorptive characteristics of materials due to vibration. When light enters the line of sight, under the effect of polarization, it can play a role in eliminating glare and glare and reflected light. Most of these messy dazzling rays come from the water surface, the ground and the reflective surfaces of some objects, and when these rays pass through polarized sunglasses, they have been eliminated and weakened, allowing you to have a clear and comfortable vision.
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