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What are ray-ban sunglasses lens material

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Sunglasses which is famous brand, I believe many people first reaction is ray-ban. Ray-ban sunglasses in addition to have good protective functions, designers will be highlighted the design of its appearance design is more rugged mountain soldier temperament, and now many women are ray-ban fan. Ray-ban sunglasses are mainly consists of two parts, lenses and frames, today we are going to talk about ray-ban sunglasses lens carefully. Recommended reading: what lenses ray-ban material is 001/68 Jin Leipeng RB3532 men sunglasses sunglasses, material generally has the following categories: 1, the AC lens: the lowest cost, the material is brittle, there may be brittle rupture crumbs, stability of general optical index; 2, PC lens: the cost is a little taller than AC, is the safety glasses, known as the 'bullet-proof glass material, is there won't be crispy chips split, stability and general optical index; 3, CR39 lens: the cost is higher than the other two, optical index has good stability and better clarity; 4, glass lenses: high resolution, optical index is excellent, high resistance to wear, the heavier weight, brittle crack; 5, nylon lenses: clarity after glass lenses, other optical indicator optimal. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold brand too glasses is divided into two broad categories, one is professional sunglasses brands, such as: ray-ban, OAKLY, etc, this kind of product of the lens that just have lenses when at least some of the patent or special technology or design, the integral design of the glasses are also unique and comfortable, the lens material is rising as the technology and optimized constantly. Another kind is a well-known brand of derivative brand, mainly clothing, jewelry, car brand, they may be pay attention to in the design, the material of the lens might as well let them pay attention to color.
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