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What are the advantages of wear polarized sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Go out a lot of people like to wear a pair of sunglasses, especially when sunshine violent, because everyone knows sunglasses can block out the light, to protect the eyes, but don't know if you have heard of polarized sunglasses, this is a special kind of sunglasses, so wear what's good about it? We first to know about the polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses factory C2 black/ms YC9709 sunglasses lens dazzle colour blue polarized sunglasses function: the function of polarizing sunglasses in life, there are too many light source will produce harmful light, especially sunlight. Released by the sun in the light of there are a lot of harmful light, if long time exposure can cause damage to the body, can cause serious influence to eyesight, polarizing sunglasses because has the function of the polarization of light, so can all the harmful rays of block off but does not affect the visible light through, can truly achieve the purpose of protecting our eyes. Polarized sunglasses material: what are the material polarized sunglasses polarized sunglasses lenses according to the material can be divided into: glass polarized sunglasses, polarized sunglasses resin material, TAC polarized sunglasses lens material. Polarized lenses are due to have polarized nature, so can be completely cut off because of scattering, inflectional, such as reflection and dazzling glare caused by various factors. And at the same time for the human eye can be harmful ultraviolet light is completely cut off, make the person is in long-term activities under strong light, the eye is not easy to tired, achieve real protection function, and to see things more clearly, three-dimensional. Polarized sunglasses color: which color polarized sunglasses lens good blue lens: aquatic blue lens polarized glasses has improved visual effect and enhance the effect of sharpness, even in the case of haze days still is the necessary choice; At the same time is also very suitable for divers diving. Because can effectively filter water and blue sky between the reflected light blue glare, so suitable for the beach or water sports wear. Grey lens: driving using grey lens polarized glasses for filtering in the beam scattered light is very effective, lets the scene looks more soft and not dazzling; For under the environment of strong sunlight wear, such characteristics of the lens is very suitable in the hot sun to go fishing and other outdoor activities. Ray-ban RB4221 - F men sunglasses 6170/55 blue pink lens: adornment effect this is a very common color. It can absorb 95% of ultraviolet ray, and some of the shorter wavelength of visible light. In fact, such functionality is similar to general not tinted lenses, that is to say, the pink lens will not has more protection than normal lens. But for some people, there is still a big help in psychology, because they feel more comfortable to wear. Yellow lenses: night movement can absorb 100% of the ultraviolet ray, and can be 83% for infrared and visible light pass through lens. The greatest characteristic of yellow lenses is absorbed most of the blue. Because the sun light through the atmosphere, mainly performance (blu-ray This could explain why the sky is blue) 。 Yellow lenses absorb blue light, can make the nature scenery more clear, therefore, the yellow lenses are commonly used to as a 'filter', or when the hunters hunting used.
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