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What are the brands of swimming goggles? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
Nowadays, people are more and more keen to exercise, and swimming is the first choice for many exercises to maintain a slim body. For those who love to swim, the most important thing is to protect your eyes, otherwise your eyes will become red after swimming, but they all want to choose a better pair of goggles. So today we will introduce the brands of swimming goggles. The following are the top ten brands of swimming goggles: 1. Speedo: It is the sports brand of the world-renowned swimwear manufacturer SPEEDO, one of the top ten swimming goggles brands, the world-renowned swimwear manufacturer, and the long-term partner of the International Swimming Federation. And sponsors. 2. Arena: Shanghai Disante Commercial Co., Ltd. is a famous French brand. Born in France in 1973, the current Arena Swimwear series has become the favorite of the top swimmers in the family. 3. Sable: Qisheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., a well-known brand in Taiwan and a well-known brand in the industry, Sable continues to develop new panther goggles to provide the clearest vision for water sports enthusiasts. 4. Yingfa: Dongguan Yingfa Industrial Co., Ltd., Yingfa is a very famous brand of swimwear and swimming goggles in the sports world at home and abroad. 5. Piao: Dongguan Feifan Sports mainly focuses on the research and development of swimming equipment, and provides professional swimwear and swimming auxiliary products for swimming enthusiasts. It is one of the domestic brands with the highest wearing rate of Chinese swimmers. 6. Jiejia: Shenzhen Fulongte Sporting Goods, a member company of the China Swimming Equipment Committee, is a large-scale manufacturer of water sports products as its main business. 7. Hosa: HOSA China Co., Ltd., one of the top ten swimming goggles brands, is also a well-known leisure sports brand in Hong Kong, a large-scale industrial group integrating clothing design and fabric production, processing, sales, foreign trade and fitness services. 8. Yalijia: Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., a well-known brand in the industry, sells well all over the world, and is an enterprise specializing in the production of peripheral products for swimming sports. 9. Heatwave: Beijing Ligang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., a well-known brand in the industry, a highly competitive brand, a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of swimwear, fitness clothes and other sports goods. 10. Niigao: Xinli Sporting Goods (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., a brand of swimming goggles, a well-known brand of boarding shoes.
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