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What are the characteristics of good quality sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
When sunshine violent our first reaction is to prevent bask in, but with the way and the Angle has a lot of, can use sunscreen, for example, can put on his hat, and, of course, a popular method -- — Wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses to choose and buy good quality, so as to play its role, so good quality sunglasses what are the characteristics? Gucci GG3675 ms/S sunglasses black gold 4 WHJJ can judge the merits of the sunglasses from two aspects of quality and aesthetic. Aesthetic personal factors, the quality is a certain standard. The quality of the sunglasses mainly refers to the quality of the lens. The world's general standard for the U. S. food and drug inspection bureau ( F·D·A) Standard. A, according to the f. d. a. standard, the lens in the protection of light transmittance, to filter out more than 90% of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, the lens should be posted 'UV - 100 protct10n 'label, when 100% filter out ultraviolet light, should be posted' UV - 400 protct10n 'label, so check the lens on the UV label is quite important. Second, the lens can't have optical lenses to some 'degree'. If the diopter of more than 15% commonly, wear will feel dizzy. Three, the lens must have high strength and impact resistance test. In general, plastic ( Or cellulose acetate propionate) , resin, glass strength from small to large. Gucci GG3675 ms/S 4 WHJJ sunglasses black gold in the face of dozens of brands, thousands of styles of sunglasses, how to choose the suitable sunglasses? Often cyclist had better wear sunglasses resin piece; Sports wear frame radian larger sports sunglasses or adding a belt, chain; Nearsightedness or farsightedness, can wear the sun glasses clip or wearing special optical sunglasses. Age season, choose frame color and lens shallow, sedate sunglasses; Selected frames are more gorgeous color, winter snow sports sunglasses to them membrane, winter selection box shape slightly bigger sunglasses to wind. A pair of sunglasses because brand, material, packaging, style, color and propaganda of the difference and make the price differs very luck, consumers should fully consider the manufacturing cost, sales and service. Twenty or thirty yuan sunglasses, its quality often cannot be guaranteed. To large glasses brand shop or glasses shopping malls counters to choose and buy, can generally make the products in such aspects as quality inspection, all relatived inspections to get a good guarantee.
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