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What are the common ways to protect your eyes? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
Nowadays, people use their eyes more and more. They use computers in office and watch TV when they return to their homes. Their eyes are constantly working every day. Therefore, develop a good eye-use habit to better protect your eyes. Only in this way can we clearly see beautiful things and bring enjoyment in perspective. Common ways to protect your eyes: First, you should cherish your eyes. Whether you are young or old, in your daily life, don’t overuse your eyes. When reading, writing or watching TV, usually every one It takes about ten minutes to rest. It can effectively relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye irritation. The second is to move the eyes. Naturally stand three meters away from the window, stare at the four angles of the window, and rotate in different directions. Repeated back and forth about seven times can relax muscles and muscles, effectively improve eyesight and relieve eye fatigue. Third, you should better protect your eyes. In daily life, never stand in the sun for too long, let alone read in the sun. At the same time, when watching TV, the light intensity should not be too long. . If you go out in the summer, it is recommended to wear suitable sunglasses. Fourth, you can use hot water or hot towels to smoke your eyes, which can also relax your muscles and promote blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue. Of course, if conditions permit, you can use traditional Chinese medicine for fumigation, the effect is more obvious. Fifth, in your daily life, you must pay attention to your diet. You should eat more vegetables and fruits, especially foods that contain more vitamin B. Vitamin B can help the eyes to a certain extent. Sixth, before getting up or going to bed every day, rub your hands against each other to generate heat, and then touch your eyes to promote blood circulation.
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