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What are the complications after myopia laser surgery? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-07
Most patients undergoing myopia laser surgery are highly myopia. Just think about seven or eight hundred degrees of myopia. It is indeed uncomfortable to wear glasses. Many people will directly choose more expensive ultra-thin lenses, just to prevent their glasses from seeing. It's too heavy to go up. It seems that you don't want to wear glasses, laser surgery is the only option, but we should understand the complications that this surgery may cause, and don't perform surgery blindly without thinking about the consequences. A situation such as corneal infection is very common, and it is possible that half of the people who have undergone surgery have a similar situation. Mainly because of improper handling during or after the operation, which caused corneal problems. Such infections must have a certain long-term medication process, so special attention is still needed. Many people have dry eye after surgery. Even if we pay attention to eye hygiene, we still have similar problems, and we need to use eye drops continuously. In fact, this will have a certain impact on the eyes, and dry eye may also induce some other eye diseases. Contrast insensitivity After surgery, many times everyone feels that they are not very obvious when they are sensitive to light or when looking at some contrasting colors, and the recognition has also decreased. This is related to individual differences, and it is not very good at present. Solution. Therefore, it is also recommended that if you have surgery, you should try to be more cautious. There are some special occupations that may not be suitable for such surgery. Ocular hypertension is also a very prone symptom. Excessive intraocular pressure has a great follow-up effect, and dizziness often occurs. The eyes must be cared for in many ways, and other eye diseases must be avoided. Basically, you need to check at least two or three times a year. In addition to some of the complications mentioned above, there are also people who feel foreign bodies and rapid vision loss. Everyone has different conditions after surgery. Of course, some people have no complications at all. It is recommended that everyone should be cautious when performing surgery. After all, any surgery may induce certain complications, which are impossible to control. Therefore, you should definitely be aware of the operation before proceeding.
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