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What are the damage to eyes caused by mobile phone radiation?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-08
Nowadays, we are more and more inseparable from mobile phones. Whether on the bus, subway or restaurants, we can see many people holding mobile phones to read novels, listen to songs, and play games; it can be said that mobile phones have brought me to my work and life. It is a great fun and convenience, but we must also be alert to the harm of mobile phone radiation to our eyes. This topic has been controversial and inconclusive. Mobile phone manufacturers believe that as long as the microwave radiation of mobile phones is controlled within the internationally prescribed radiation safety standards-a limit called specific absorption rate '2 watts per kilogramHowever, the research results show that even if the mobile phone is within the international radiation safety standards, long-term use can still damage the eyes and other parts of the human body. The damage to eyes caused by mobile phone radiation is mainly manifested in: 1. When we use mobile phones to make a call, the mobile phone transmits the audio signal through the converter to form high-frequency oscillating microwaves, and then transmits them in the form of electromagnetic waves through the antenna. Will produce relatively strong electromagnetic radiation. Even if we do not make a phone call, it is difficult to avoid being affected by radiation. Many people have this experience. After a few minutes on the phone, the ears and face will feel hot. Mobile phone radiation is especially harmful to the brain and eyes of the human body with high water content. The brain and eyes of the whole body have the highest water content. Mobile phone radiation can also produce high-frequency shocks to brain cells, ranging from affecting the normal work of cells, and causing degeneration and necrosis of brain cells. To be precise, individual brain cells seem to be 'scorched.' Prolonged use of mobile phones can affect the function of the brain, causing memory loss, insomnia, and even emotional changes. 2. When people use their mobile phones to read text messages or surf the Internet, their eyes will be closer than if they were holding a book or a newspaper in their hands, which means that focusing on the phone’s graphics and text with their eyes is more laborious, and it is more likely to cause headaches and eye fatigue. And other issues. Long-term use of mobile phones to browse the web can also cause dry eyes and blurred vision, and people who wear glasses are more seriously affected. It is believed that in addition to the above-mentioned hidden concerns, the damage to the eyes of mobile phones also includes: playing with mobile phones for a long time will easily cause blood to flow to the eyes, leading to mild conjunctival blood vessel congestion, and even induce chronic inflammatory lesions of the conjunctival tissue. In addition, smart phones generally have large screens and high brightness, and too much information is concentrated on them. When the eyes are staring at the screen, the constantly changing light and shadow will cause continuous irritation to the eyes, which may cause damage to the tear film layer, and even tingling and tearing. , Photophobia and other symptoms. How to reduce the damage to eyes caused by mobile phone radiation 1. Eat foods that are good for eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, medlars, chrysanthemums, sesame seeds, radishes, animal livers, etc. 2. Move the phone away from the head at the moment of connection. When the mobile phone signal is just switched on, the signal transmission system is still unstable, at the maximum working rate, which is also the time when the radiation is strongest. After that, the radiation of the mobile phone will decrease rapidly and remain in a stable state, so it is correct to move the mobile phone away from the head at the moment of connection. 3. To make a long story short. Since the thermal effect produced by radiant energy is an accumulation process, the time spent on using the mobile phone each time and the number of times the mobile phone is used every day should be minimized. The cumulative talk time of using mobile phones should not exceed 1-2 hours per day. 4. Don't put your phone beside your pillow when you sleep. After turning off the handle and stopping operation, the phone itself will still emit a small amount of radiation, so it is better to keep the phone away from you when you sleep.
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