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What are the dangers of cosmetic contact lenses? How to reduce the harm of beauty contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-21
Are contact lenses dangerous? I believe that many people have some entanglements, and they can always hear that US contact lenses are harmful to the eyes, but US lenses are really beautiful, and there are some environments that are not suitable for wearing framed glasses, and they also need US lenses to add luster. In fact, all the beauty contacts in the product have been tested by the relevant state departments, and many imported brands have high sales abroad. Are these lenses really dangerous? How to reduce the harm of beauty contact lenses? What are the dangers of cosmetic contact lenses? The harm of beauty contact lenses is generally due to two reasons. One is that the beauty lenses you buy are of inferior quality, and even there is a risk of fading. Such beauty lenses naturally have various hazards; the other is that Because you have not done the basic hygiene and wearing requirements, wear the color contact lens for a long time every day, and do not take good eye hygiene care, and the color contact lens is not replaced in time, in fact, it may lead to various eye diseases. produced. Such as various inflammations, trachoma, eye stones and so on. How to reduce the harm of cosmetic contact lenses? Choose genuine. Genuine beauty contact lenses need to be checked at various levels in China, and are directly provided by regular brands, so the quality is also quite good. Such contact lenses meet the requirements of the corresponding medical devices, the quality is guaranteed, and the safety of natural wearing is also higher. short cycle. Because the cycle of beauty contact lenses is different, hygiene and bacterial growth are definitely different. Within the scope of our economic ability, try to choose the short-cycle color contact lenses. In fact, there are many online promotions, and the daily disposable beauty contacts are also very discounted, which are still very suitable for our daily wear and use. keep clean. Before daily contact with color lenses, we should wash our hands, do basic cleaning work, and also ensure that the contact lens case is replaced regularly. Once all the care solutions are opened, try to use them up within 3 months. If they expire, they cannot be used further to avoid unnecessary pollution. Wear time. It is recommended that you wear contact lenses for no more than 8 hours a day, and you should also not wear contact lenses for 1-2 days every week, so that it is also critical to give your eyes enough time to rest.
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