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What are the dangers of orthokeratology lenses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-10
Eyes are the window to every soul, and it is also the window through which people see external things. However, due to the improper use of eyes, it has a certain impact on the eyes, especially the cornea, so some people wear orthokeratology lenses. , then I have to talk about whether the harm of the widely controversial orthokeratology lens is true, and in fact it does cause a certain degree of harm to people. First, the harm of orthokeratology lens is mainly in two aspects. The harm of orthokeratology lens is mainly in two aspects. On the one hand, orthokeratology lens can easily make the cornea inflamed and perforated, and even lead to blindness of the eyes. On the other hand, the deprivation of oxygen in the eyes causes the eyes to become dry eyes. These dangers are no longer simply a theoretical possibility, but real risks. Second, the harm of orthokeratology lenses is unavoidable. Can the harm of these orthokeratology lenses mentioned above be avoided if you pay attention to the points in the process of wearing them? The answer is still no. Mainly because, even with great care, people who wear orthokeratology lenses can still get other corneal or other serious diseases of the eye, even if they don't have corneal inflammation, no perforation, and no blindness. Because as long as orthokeratology lenses are worn, the center of the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye will be thinned by about 20um every year. In 5 years, the center of the cornea will be thinned by about 100um. And so on, but many people don't know the terrible consequences once the center of the cornea becomes thinner by more than 100um. According to relevant clinical studies, thinning of the center of the cornea is one of the main causes of keratoconus, also known as proptosis. Clinical studies have also shown that keratoconus is not immediately caused by the thinning of the center of the cornea by more than 100um. It occurs after many years of having to stop wearing orthokeratology lenses. Orthokeratology lenses are dangerous, and it is better not to wear them.
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