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What are the dangers of wearing contact lenses regularly? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-22
Contact lenses, because they are convenient, beautiful, and effective in correcting vision, they are loved by many fashion lovers. However, compared with ordinary glasses, contact lenses are a kind of medical device products that directly contact the cornea, which can damage corneal cells to a certain extent. So today, let’s take a look at the hazards of wearing contact lenses frequently. 1. Cause a variety of eye diseases: such as keratitis and conjunctivitis, because contact lenses are prone to deposits that accumulate inside the eyeball, leading to corneal and conjunctival infection, and later a variety of eye diseases. 2. Decrease of eye resistance: contact lenses directly attach to the eyeball, so that the cornea cannot touch the air, and the eye will be unable to perform correct metabolism due to lack of oxygen, resulting in a decrease in resistance. 3. Asthenopia is prone to: Frequent wearing of contact lenses can cause sore eyes, strong foreign body sensation, excessive eye feces, and dry eyes, which will cause eyes to be easily tired and blurred vision. 4. Damage to corneal cells: As the cornea has been in contact with the cornea for a long time, it will wear the cornea, leading to corneal epithelial shedding or perforation. Some products may cause corneal ulcers due to uneven concavity and cause irreversible vision loss. 5. Accelerate the aging of the cornea: For example, when you wear contact lenses for about 10 years when you are 20 years old, the density of your corneal endothelial cells is equivalent to that of 60-year-old people after you are 30 years old, and you cannot undergo surgery and suffer from cataracts. The odds are also relatively high. 6. Causes ocular nerve palsy: contact lenses will numb the nerve endings due to long-term attachment to the eyeball, resulting in decreased corneal sensation, which can easily lead to corneal ulcers. 7. Corneal edema and corneal neovascularization: Contact lens lenses can easily absorb collagen, protein, lipid and other substances in the tear fluid, nourish bacteria, and cause sediment to accumulate on the lens, causing corneal edema and neovascularization. Most of the hazards of contact lenses mainly come from lens contamination, and there is no good hygiene of the lenses. Therefore, when wearing contact lenses, it is necessary to regularly use contact lens care solution to clean the lenses to keep the lenses clean and dry.
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