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What are the disadvantages of wearing contact lenses for a long time? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-18
Not all cosmetic contact lenses meet the relevant national standards, especially the unknown cosmetic contact lenses that we bought through some Wechat merchants. No matter how favorable the price is, they should not be bought casually. It is really very prone to problems. Today, I will summarize the disadvantages of wearing contact lenses for a long time. In fact, such hazards have nothing to do with most contact lenses, but have to do with your habits. Pigment damage Regular cosmetic contact lenses are all sandwich craftsmanship, and Zhongda brand cosmetic contact lenses have also undergone layers of review. Such problems are unlikely to occur. However, because many inferior cosmetic contact lenses do not have such a process, the colored layer directly contacts the eyeball, which leads to pigment deposition, and the direct attachment to the eyeball is actually very impactful. Therefore, if you want to wear contact lenses, especially cosmetic contact lenses, only regular brand products are guaranteed. Corneal hypoxia If we wear contact lenses normally, this problem will not occur, but you should pay attention to the time of wearing contact lenses, and try not to exceed 8 hours a day. If you wear contact lenses for more than ten hours a day, especially if you use cosmetic lenses, it is very prone to dry and itchy eyes, and your eyeballs will feel uncomfortable due to chronic hypoxia. But if it is worn for a short time every day, there will be no similar problems. Eye damage Because many people are wearing contact lenses for the first time, they may not know how to take them off, and some eyeball damage often occurs. It is recommended that everyone should trim their nails and pay special attention to the condition of the eyes. In fact, after a few practice sessions, you will wear contact lenses, which will naturally not cause eye damage. It is recommended that you should still purchase contact lenses through such formal channels. Only when they are guaranteed to be genuine and pass the level of inspection can they have quality assurance. Moreover, care should be taken during the wearing process. In fact, as long as it is worn correctly, it will not cause some harm.
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