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What are the effects of sodium chloride eye drops? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-04
Sodium chloride eye drops is a liquid medicine that is limited to single use. It is a new type of product that temporarily relieves the symptoms of dry eyes. It is also a polymer chemical compound. So what is the effect of sodium chloride eye drops, let's take a look at it together. The pharmacological effects of sodium chloride eye drops Sodium chloride eye drops are rich in the chemical substance 'sodium chlorideCell fatigue improves the activation function of tissue cells in the eye, thereby improving metabolism. At the same time, sodium chloride eye drops can improve the stability of the tear film, which has a great effect on alleviating the symptoms of dry eye. Precautions for using sodium chloride eye drops Patients with eye congestion, redness, swelling, and itching are better not to use this kind of eye drops; this kind of eye drops should not be used as a rinse for contact lenses, otherwise it will have a chemical reaction with the lens , Causing eye burns; and this kind of eye drops can be used for 2 weeks if it has not effectively relieved the symptoms of dry eye, you must stop using it and seek medical advice in time; at the same time, sodium chloride eye drops should not be used together with other drugs, otherwise Interactions between drugs will occur, which will affect the health and safety of the eyes and vision. What is the effect of sodium chloride eye drops? Sodium chloride eye drops belong to the chemical composition. When encountering a certain liquid with the same drug properties, a chemical reaction may occur, or severe eye pain may occur. Patients who have been allergic to ophthalmic medications are more likely to Do not use this product to avoid causing a variety of eye diseases and endangering your own health. At the same time, patients suffering from fundus bleeding, itching, redness, redness, rash, glaucoma, etc. should consult their doctor before using this product to avoid certain adverse reactions.
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