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What are the function of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Sunglasses can be divided by function usually shading mirror, light color sunglasses sunglasses and other use three categories. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 001/68 gold so-called sunshade lens, is used for shading, people usually want to rely on regulating the pupil in the sunshine intrusive to regulate the flux, when the light intensity out through the human eye recuperated, would pose a harm to the human eye. So in outdoor sports, especially is in the morning, a lot of people to accept sun glasses to keep out sunshine, to alleviate the faint eyes regulate composition or light impact damage. Light color sunglasses of sunlight blocking role than sun mirror, but its color is rich, suits to be applied with a variety of clothing distribution, strong decoration effect. Light color sunglasses because of its rich color thick, landscape diversity, liked by the young gens, fashionable woman is more like it. Other useful sunglasses have strong keep out the sun, often used in the beach, skiing, mountain climbing and so on the energy of sunlight is strong country, its resistance to ultraviolet function such as policy have higher needs. Ms sunglasses factory YC9709 sunglasses lenses C4 hawksbill/grey sunglasses of lens color color is dark brown, gray and green, let's take a look, all sorts of color protection! Carnegie-give 1 system: it's light brown. Brown is the lens can be in the light purple, cyan, with 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared light. Soft color, let the eyes than the force is not easy to faint. Is a very sophisticated protective glasses. Carnegie-give 2 grey: completely infrared, and the vast majority of ultraviolet ray, and will not change the color of the original landscape. Mild natural color is pretty by the hospitality of the lens. 3 green series: carnegie-give like grey lenses can be all alone 99% of infrared and ultraviolet (uv), light green, red also can be in the block, but occasionally the color of the scenery will be change after exploring green lenses. But due to bring a person of cool and refreshing green comfortable feeling and maintenance is also good for eyes, the sun glasses lens and is the perfect choice. 4 red: red is the lens of the effect of ultraviolet and infrared light and the above three kinds of force, just slightly smaller, for some wavelength is shorter than force of isolation. Powder red lens color soft, for some of the wearer, physiological benefits greater than substantial effect. Carnegie-give 5 yellow: yellow lenses can be 100% most of uv and blue light, carnegie-give blu-ray, can see the beautiful scenery of the will understand more, so we can create, hunting, shooting, wear the yellow lenses when the filter is very broad!
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