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What are the functions of wearing flat glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
Wearing flat glasses is also very popular nowadays. Whether it is going to the street or attending a party or something, you can see that many people wear flat glasses. In particular, many young people have always been particularly fond of flat mirrors. Everyone has different opinions on whether flat mirrors are good or bad. So, is it okay to bring a flat mirror? Let’s take a look at how to bring a flat mirror. . Generally speaking, wearing a flat lens has little effect on vision, but the prerequisite is that the flat lens worn must be of reliable quality, and the stability of the optical performance of the lens and the function of the lens are very important. A pair of high-quality flat mirrors must have no power, and some flat mirrors sold at street stalls have some uneven lenses, which have powers that will affect vision. Therefore, when it comes to buying, it is better or Go to an eyewear store, it will be more reliable. To see things through the lens, it must be clear and clear to be considered good. In addition to the lack of power, flat mirrors also have different functions due to lens coating and other differences. For example, for the computer family, many people will consider radiation protection glasses. The current radiation protection glasses are coated with a radiation protection film, which can protect the eyes to a certain extent. Of course, there is more than one type of flat mirror. Different types of lenses and different coatings have different functions. Choose a suitable flat lens according to personal needs. For example, those who like to go shopping can choose to wear glasses with tinted lenses. To a certain extent, it can prevent excessive sunlight from harming the eyes. There are also business people who like to wear color-changing glasses, whether indoor or outdoor, they can easily enjoy comfortable vision. Although flat mirrors are not harmful to the eyes, and flat mirrors have different types and functions, don't rely too much on flat mirrors. Many people mistakenly put on a flat lens and there is nothing wrong with it. The flat lens is only an auxiliary function. In fact, it is the best policy to pay attention to protecting the eyes.
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