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What are the glasses brands? How should I choose? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-24
The number of nearsighted people is increasing, and many people are beginning to choose some high-end glasses. After all, we can wear a pair of glasses for many years, so the price is slightly higher. In fact, it is more cost-effective, and it can also guarantee a good wearing effect. It is also recommended that everyone choose some high-quality glasses, especially some high-end brands are actually quite good in terms of quality, but which glasses brands are of better quality? How to choose the right brand glasses? 1. Rodenstock glasses As far as the German eyewear brand is concerned, Rodenstock's influence is still great, and the quality of both lenses and frames is quite top-notch. The company was founded in 1877, and high-end brand glasses are still worth buying. And we can also purchase directly through the brand, such a brand of glasses not only guarantees the quality, but also has good comfort. Basically, there are some new designs launched every year, and the presentation style is still very good. Second, Essilor eyewear is a professional eyewear brand, especially the quality of its lenses is really good. The 1.74 high-end ultra-thin lenses have also received attention and recognition from many people. Of course, the price of Essilor's glasses is not low, they are French luxury glasses. However, we can also make a reservation through it. The price of ultra-thin lenses will be more favorable, and they can be guaranteed to be authentic. Such high-quality brand glasses are definitely your first choice. Third, Nikon glasses Nikon is actually the same as Carl Zeiss. Both brands are making lenses and home appliances, so their glasses technology is also quite good, can guarantee very good clarity, and also allow us to see good comfort wearing performance. But relatively speaking, the price of Nikon lenses is still more favorable, and it is also a direct cooperation with the Nikon brand, so if we want to wear glasses, the price will be more favorable if we want to purchase glasses through such a channel.
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