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What are the glasses degree symbols? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-23
Degree symbol, glasses degree symbol Whether you are checking your vision or optometry glasses, you can see that there are some number symbols in the vision test, and if you don’t understand its meaning, you don’t understand what it means. Knowing some of the common digital symbols in optometry can help you understand your vision. Whether it is glasses or just simply understanding the situation, it is very meaningful. Let's take a look at the degree symbol, the degree symbol of glasses. The sign of the degree of contact lens: the positive sign means hyperopia, and the degree behind it; the negative sign means myopia, and the number behind it indicates the degree of myopia, that is, the degree that needs to be corrected. Frame glasses have more power signs. The minus sign (-) means myopia, and the plus sign (+) means farsightedness, which is also a sign of presbyopia. S represents a spherical lens. C represents a cylindrical lens. DS represents the refractive power of the marked spherical lens. DC represents the optical power of the cylindrical lens. AX (AXIS) represents the axis of the cylinder. For example, if there is astigmatism, the axis of astigmatism is required. The astigmatism axis is based on the angle formed by the cylinder axis and the horizontal line as the standard. It is generally expressed by the TABO notation method, and the horizontal dimension It is not called 0 °, but 180 °, the degree symbol '°' can also be omitted. The meaning of the related symbols of prism degree, P stands for prism; △ stands for prism unit. B represents the direction of the prism base. BI means the base is inward (the base is close to the nasal side). BO means that the base is outward (the base is close to the temporal side). BU, the base is upward. BD, base down. The meaning of the power symbols of other glasses, PD stands for interpupillary distance. Add, for adding degree, bifocal mirror. OD or RE or R stands for right eye, OS or LE or L stands for left eye, OU or BE stands for both eyes. The representation of the power symbol of glasses, take an example to illustrate, such as R: —2.50/-2.00DC×95 or (—2.50/-2. 00 ×95) L: —2.00/-1.50DC×85 or (—2.00/- 1.50 ×.85) PD: 63mm means 250 degrees of myopia in the right eye, and 200 degrees of astigmatism. The astigmatism axis is at 95 degrees. The left eye has a myopia of 200 degrees, an astigmatism is 150 degrees, and the astigmatism axis is at 85 degrees. The pupillary distance between the eyes is 63 mm.
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