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What are the hazards of colored contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-29
The material and manufacturing principle of colored contact lenses are basically the same as ordinary contact lenses, but they can be divided into two types: large pupil and small pupil. The main function is to brighten, enlarge, darken the eyeball or change the color of the eyeball. . The color layer of most brand color contact lenses is slightly larger than the eyeball, which increases the effect. However, the oxygen permeability and anti-protein ability of colored contact lenses are poor, so in general, they will not be used as a regular wear type, otherwise it will endanger the health of the eyes. Then let's take a look at the hazards of colored contact lenses. The hazards of colored contact lenses <1>. Damage to the cornea and cause corneal edema: Because of the low oxygen permeability of colored contact lenses, it prevents the cornea from getting oxygen from the air, causing epithelial cell edema and shedding, which in turn causes mechanical cell damage to the corneal epithelium . <2>. Causes eye conjunctivitis: The lens itself has a stained layer, and when it comes in contact with the conjunctiva, it undergoes repeated frictional stimulation of opening and closing the eyes. For a long time, red stone tumors will appear in the conjunctiva of the eyelids. In severe cases, red eyes, itching, and excessive discharge may occur. Sometimes it may also cause blurred vision and strong foreign body sensation. <3>. Keratitis and corneal ulcer: As the colored lens is contaminated, bacteria will remain in the lens, which will further lead to corneal infection, leading to keratitis and corneal ulcer perforation in the eye. <4>. Corneal blood vessels increase: After corneal perforation, it is difficult to treat, and the ability to receive oxygen will decrease. The blood vessels will grow from the edge of the cornea to the center to provide oxygen to the cornea, which will cause corneal opacity and severely cause blindness. <5>. Affect night vision: Because it is a colored contact lens, the periphery will be colored. Although the diameter of the hole in the middle is fixed, the pupil of the human eye needs to expand and shrink with the brightness of the light. The main points of healthy wearing of color contact lenses are first to go to the medical department for relevant consultation when choosing and matching, which products to buy that have passed the test, and carefully read the usage methods and precautions in the manual; then, during the wearing process, reduce corneal damage Injury and discomfort, good health habits, remember not to wear it for a long time; finally, go to the optician to check the lens for cracks at intervals, and then replace it regularly according to the life of the lens. Try to avoid wearing it during outdoor sports, especially in the process of strong wind or swimming, you must not wear it. The color of colored contact lenses can penetrate into the lens. If you choose a product whose production technology is not adequate, colored substances may leak out, which will seriously damage the health of your eyes.
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