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What are the hazards of computer radiation to pregnant women? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-30
In today's Internet age, computers have gradually replaced many necessities of life and have become the most popular electronic products in the world. So, in the process of using computers, have you ever understood the dangers of computer radiation? Especially for pregnant women or newborn children, what effects will computer radiation have on? Let's get up and understand? Although the harm of computer radiation is only an objective existence, it is completely different from ordinary electromagnetic wave radiation. The microwaves emitted from the computer will directly have negative effects on the human body. For example, some people will experience dizziness, nausea and blurred vision after using the computer for a long time. In fact, this is all due to the impact of computer radiation on the eyes. Severe cases may lead to vision loss, or pathological changes in the fundus, leading to the formation of myopia. However, in addition to the eyes, the effects of computer radiation on the human body are very influential. Computer radiation is more harmful to pregnant women or children in the health year, especially for pregnant women, if they are exposed to excessive computer radiation for a long time, it may cause rapid skin aging, which will increase the incidence of malignant tumors. Sperm motility will also be significantly reduced or the number will be reduced. This leads to poor embryonic development in pregnant women, increasing the risk of miscarriage and fetal malformation. At the same time, pregnant women will suffer from poor health due to the influence of the fetus. Coupled with long-term computer radiation, the resistance of cells in the body will be reduced, and the sound field development of the fetus will be delayed, resulting in headache, insomnia, arrhythmia and other neurasthenia symptoms. . Although computer radiation is the cause of fetal dysplasia and high malformation rate, there are many situations that affect the fetal development of pregnant women, and computer radiation is only a small part. Therefore, in addition to avoiding long-term computer radiation in daily life, pregnant women usually eat more foods containing protein, calcium and vitamins, which can improve the resistance of cells in the human body, thereby reducing the harm of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
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