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What are the hazards of contact lens care solution? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
If the contact lens is not treated properly, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause damage to the eyes. Contact lens care solution is naturally also very important for contact lenses. Contact lens care solution is also the same as choosing contact lenses. It is also selected according to the actual needs of the individual. However, there are many types of contact lens care solutions. So what are the hazards of contact lens care solutions? Let’s take a look at contact lenses. The harm of glasses care solution. The care solution for contact lenses cannot be obsessed with a special function. Contact lenses need not only disinfection, but also sterilization, moisturizing and other functions. Therefore, if one kind of functional care solution is used for a long time, only one kind of lens can be cleaned, which leads to insufficient care of the lens. It will cause insufficient lens disinfection or insufficient moisture, etc. Wearing the lens will cause eye damage. If the lens is turned on for too long, the disinfection function of the contact lens care solution will also decrease, so it will not reach the level of the care solution. The original effect, the lens care is not clean, it will naturally be harmful to the eyes. For different contact lenses, in addition to sterilization and moisturizing, the contact lens care solution also needs to be consistent with the actual needs of the individual. If it is not well matched, the contact lens worn will also be uncomfortable and the eyes will be easily affected. Irritating, causing eye infections. Some contact lens care solutions have instructions that do not need to be rubbed, which is misleading. The concept of no-rubbing is for the function of sterilization. The lens is also difficult to clean. Especially if you wear contact lenses for a long time, you should scrub them. Some people use contact lenses as eye drops, but it is actually very harmful, because the ingredients of the care solution are aimed at cleaning the lenses. If it is used to drip the eyes, it will destroy the physiological environment of the eye tears, making the tears unable to evaporate normally. The eyes become dry, which is more likely to cause eye diseases. Some contact lens care solutions with strong disinfection effect can cause eye irritation and may cause damage to corneal epithelial cells. Some people have sensitive eyes and are more likely to cause eye discomfort. Moreover, some contact lens care solutions have a certain period of adaptation. If you feel uncomfortable to use, that is, this kind of care solution is not suitable, and naturally it will not be able to play its role in care.
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