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What are the hazards of cosmetic contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-20
I believe that many people don’t know the hazards of cosmetic contact lenses. Some friends will ask how long it is appropriate to wear cosmetic contact lenses. According to senior optometrists, although cosmetic contact lenses are more convenient than frame glasses, they will also bring us beauty. And charm, but also give us confidence and charm, but there are also some disadvantages of cosmetic contact lenses, if you are not careful, it will also bring us side effects and harm our eyes. So, let's take a look at the hazards of cosmetic contact lenses. In addition to correcting vision, contact lenses are also useful in cosmetics and medical treatment. The color of the iris can be changed through a certain concentration of colored lenses. It has a fashionable cosmetic effect and is generally required for personal and professional purposes. There are many inferior quality cosmetic contact lenses. The pigments of cosmetic contact lenses are directly printed on the surface of the lens. If the production technology fails, the pigment material may fall off in the future and damage the eyes. The pigment may cause allergies, and it will also affect the cornea and conjunctiva. Causes irritation and inflammation. Due to the unapproved chemical composition of the pigment, the rough craftsmanship, and even some products that have not been approved by the relevant government departments, it has aggravated the possibility of eye-related complications, poor wearing habits, eye sensitivity, and The weather can cause eye congestion and inflammation. In severe cases, it can lead to corneal hypoxia and deformation, eye infections, corneal perforation and other serious eye diseases, and even permanent blindness. Traditional cosmetic lenses have more sediments and pigments on the surface of the lens, which can cause poor wettability of the lens and easily lead to dry eyes. The main manifestations are asthenopia, eye acid and foreign body sensation, excessive eye feces, dryness, and eyes. Burning or even blurred vision, it is recommended to choose lenses with high oxygen permeability and short-term replacement to ensure comfort and health while being beautiful. There are also some cosmetic lenses that use a smaller optical zone in pursuit of color exaggeration, which will reduce the visual field of the eye. The dyed part generally has poor light transmittance, so after wearing it, it will feel that the field of view becomes smaller. This kind of 'seeing things in the tube' feeling, this 'no one else' state is very unfavorable for driving and sports people, it is recommended to consider lenses with a larger optical zone when choosing. Wearing cosmetic contact lenses for a long time can easily lead to poor breathing of the cornea and a drastic decrease in the resistance of the eyes, leading to slow metabolism of the eyes, leading to ocular diseases like dry eye, keratitis and other symptoms. The harm of cosmetic contact lenses is largely caused by long-term unreasonable wearing and improper care. It is best not to exceed 6 hours a day, and the care of cosmetic contact lenses must not be ignored. It must be better than ordinary contact lenses. Care is more attentive. The hazards of cosmetic contact lenses are unavoidable, but we can definitely reduce the damage of cosmetic lenses to the eyes to a minimum. No matter how good the quality of contact lenses is, there are risks. Even contact lenses with high oxygen permeability and high water content cannot meet the physiological requirements of the eyeball. If citizens really want to buy such products, they should obtain medical device business qualifications. The regular eyeglasses shop in Hong Kong, through a standardized and accurate fitting process, and confirms that the purchased product has obtained the nationally approved medical device registration certificate, do not buy and wear it for convenience.
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