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What are the hazards of myopia surgery? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-26
Myopia can be caused by many factors, and it is an eye disease that people are helpless. However, in order to treat myopia, many people choose to use surgery for treatment. The more common one is excimer laser myopia surgery. In fact, although the treatment effect of this kind of surgery is good, it is harmful to the body. Let's take a look at the dangers of having myopia surgery. Hazards of doing myopia surgery 1. Causes eye swelling, eye pain, and eye fatigue: Because the treatment principle of myopia surgery is to cut the cornea, change the corneal refractive index and thickness to a certain extent, so that the light entering the eye can be absorbed. The focus is on the retina. However, the recovery time of the cornea after surgery is relatively slow, and even if it returns to its original thickness, the cornea is no longer smooth and smooth. Therefore, waiting for a long time will lead to deformation of the eyes, resulting in adverse reactions such as eye swelling, eye pain, eye fatigue and headache. 2. It is easy to cause glaucoma and high intraocular pressure: Although myopia surgery is the same as wearing frame glasses, it is achieved by controlling the focal length. However, myopia surgery breaks the chain-like tissue between the corneal molecules and thins the outer wall of the eyeball, which leads to glaucoma, high intraocular pressure, and sometimes retinopathy. 3. Corneal hemorrhage with shadows: The cornea itself has no blood vessels, but after surgical treatment, new blood vessels will appear in the cornea, and the phenomenon of snow accumulation will appear. It will cause the external environment to be unable to enter the eye through the cornea, resulting in a certain obstacle, making it blurry when seeing objects. Myopia surgery is essentially the same as wearing spectacles, but it is more harmful than spectacles. Therefore, after the analysis of experts, the best way to treat myopia is to wear frame glasses, because frame glasses can effectively control the development of vision and improve vision, and there will be no other eye diseases that affect the eyes and body. Health is currently the safer and more effective way to treat myopia.
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