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What are the hazards of smoking to the eyes? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-21
Smoking is harmful to your health. Everyone knows that there are men and women who smoke in life, especially when they are addicted to cigarettes, sometimes they smoke more than one. In fact, while smoking is harmful to the body, it is also harmful to the eyes. Many friends who like to smoke should smoke less. So, what are the hazards of smoking to the eyes? Smoking has many hazards to the eyes. It shows that a cigarette contains a lot of harmful substances, such as aldehydes, nicotines, olefins, etc. These harmful substances damage the body at the same time. It can also damage the tissues of the eyes and cause a variety of eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, chronic conjunctivitis and so on. Smoking is harmful to the eyes. The harmful substances in the second cigarette, such as nicotine and carbon monoxide, can cause blood vessel damage, hyperplatelet aggregation, embolism of the central retinal blood vessel, and cause ocular vascular disease. In addition, the active substances in cigarettes can cause vasoconstriction, leading to ocular tissue hypoxia. The peroxides in cigarettes can cause age-related changes in eye tissues. Smoking is harmful to the eyes. In the third smoking, the human body’s oxygen will also be consumed, which will reduce the oxygen content in the blood, which will make the retina more sensitive to hypoxia. This situation will become This leads to degeneration of optic nerve fibers and atrophy of the macular area, resulting in decreased vision. Smoking is harmful to the eyes. When smoking, cigarette tar will reduce the content of vitamin B12, and vitamin B12 is directly related to the maintenance of the normal function of the optic nerve. It is an essential nutrient for the optic nerve. When the vitamin B12 drops, smoking The normal function of the optic nerve in patients will also decrease, which directly affects vision. In severe cases, it will also cause optic nerve atrophy and cause blindness. Smoking is harmful to the eyes. Five-year-old age-related macular degeneration is also more common in smokers. This is because harmful substances such as carbon monoxide in cigarettes can cause macular degeneration, retinal hemorrhage, and blindness. At the same time, according to relevant data, smokers are also more likely to suffer from cataracts. Smoking is harmful to the eyes. The smoke of six cigarettes is also toxic, and it can irritate the conjunctiva. Therefore, whether it is a smoker or second-hand smoke, there will be irritation to the conjunctiva, causing conjunctival congestion, increased tear secretion and other symptoms, prone to chronic conjunctivitis.
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