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What are the international brand sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
Sunglasses have generally been loved and favored by people in the eyewear industry, so the competition for sunglasses of major brands is becoming more and more fierce. For a brand of sunglasses, not only can it be 100% UV resistant, but it can also filter out many harmful glare. So today, the editor will introduce a few international brand sunglasses so that everyone can use them for reference when buying in the future. Ray-Ban Sunglasses The name Ray-Ban must be familiar to everyone. It is a well-known sunglasses brand and the world's leading eyewear brand. Its sunglasses are designed with fashion and classic as the product concept, using high-tech polarization technology, so that each sunglasses can 100% protect the health of the wearer's eyes. Moreover, Ray-Ban sunglasses are elegant, fashionable, and noble, always giving people a noble identity and status. OULE sunglasses OULE is an international high-end eyewear brand integrating design, production, sales and service. In the design of OULE sunglasses, many elements such as fashion, aesthetics, and elegance are incorporated into the products, and they insist on using lighter, thinner and better high-tech materials to create a series of classic sunglasses brands. At the same time, OULE sunglasses have ultraviolet lenses that prevent UV400 and a polarized film technology that filters out harmful glare 100%, which comprehensively cares for the health of the wearer's eyes. Baosheng Sunglasses Baosheng sunglasses include elegant series sunglasses designed for business men, ladies series designed for urban women, and children series sunglasses designed for children, which can meet the needs of consumers of different ages and genders. At the same time, Baosheng sunglasses have national patented TAC double-curvature polarizers and double-curved PC polarizers, which can reduce direct, refracted or reflected light, and can resist super ultraviolet rays. Tyrannosaurus sunglasses Tyrannosaurus sunglasses adhering to the design concept of 'enjoy the eye-catchingAnd Tyrannosaurus sunglasses can effectively filter out UVA, UVB, UVC and block all harmful light, which can truly protect the eyes.
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