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What are the large diameters of US contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-21
When buying cosmetic contact lenses in China, many people pay special attention to the overall color and diameter. Some people are not short-sighted, and they wear beautiful contact lenses more to be able to dilate the pupils, so that your eyes will look more beautiful. And in terms of cost performance, it is indeed more cost-effective to throw a cosmetic contact lens every year. As long as you do a good job in daily health protection and care, you can actually guarantee a good wearing effect. But if you want to choose a large diameter, which diameter is more appropriate? The basic diameter may be that the diameter you usually see is only one data, but if you often wear foreign brands of cosmetic contact lenses, you will know that it is actually divided into actual diameter and colored diameter. There are many Korean brands of cosmetic contact lenses that are introduced in this way, because the two diameters are actually completely different. The colored diameter is the colored part of the cosmetic contact lenses. Most of the colored diameters are generally around 12.8-14.5MM, which is also a relatively normal diameter of the cosmetic contact lenses. What is the major diameter? It is true that many cosmetic contact lenses will write 'major diameterThe natural pupil diameter of a normal person is about 13.2-13.4MM, so the diameter of the US pupil in this range is small, that is, it is only slightly larger than the pupil diameter. The domestic small diameter is generally around 14.0-14.1MM, and it is considered a large diameter if it exceeds such a range. The more common large-diameter cosmetic contact lenses are around 14.5MM. How to choose the diameter. If you want to enlarge your eyes, the effect is better, but don't be too exaggerated. At first glance, it looks like the effect of wearing a cosmetic contact lens. In fact, the coloring diameter is generally around 13.4-13.7MM. The diameter of the cosmetic contact lenses is also more natural. But if the eye cleft is very large, but the diameter of the pupil is small, and the situation of three white eyes appears, then you can also choose some 14.5mm cosmetic contact lenses, which are large enough, but you should choose according to your own situation. Otherwise it will be fake.
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