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What are the methods of preventing fog and water vapor for frame glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
Among the four seasons of the year, spring is a season with more rain, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. From a place with a lower temperature to a place with a higher temperature, there is often fog on the lens. It is a worrying thing for many people who wear glasses. In order to wear glasses better, you need to master the anti-fog and waterproof skills. Minimize fog and water vapor in the lenses to ensure clear lenses. First, you can make anti-fog water yourself and carry it with you. When making, prepare the corresponding materials, mainly including glycerin, soap liquid, turpentine, etc., and then adjust according to the relevant proportions, but when mixing, it should be stirred evenly. When using, just apply the anti-fog water to the lens, after about three to four minutes, you can use the glasses cloth to wipe, which can last for three to four hours. Second, make anti-fogging agent. Anti-fogging agent has the functions of cleaning, decontamination, anti-frost, anti-fogging, etc. No matter what season you wear glasses, you can use this anti-fogging agent to meet your own needs to a greater extent. Moreover, when using the anti-fog agent, it does not have any stimulating effect on the skin, and it will not corrode the lens, so it is relatively convenient to use. The third is to use the soap de-fog method, soak the soap in warm water to make soapy water. Then remove the glasses, put them in soapy water, and apply the soapy water evenly to the lenses. However, when smearing, it should be applied lightly to avoid damage to the lens due to excessive force. After about three minutes, wipe the lens clean. In daily life, do not touch the lens with your hands, because there are oil stains on your hands.
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