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What are the myopia glasses for playing basketball? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-08
There are still many friends who usually like to play basketball, and we all hope to protect our faces. At this time, for myopia, you need a special basketball glasses. High-end sports glasses can protect your eyesight and allow you to see more clearly. There are also many different types of sports glasses on the Internet. If you are short-sighted and want to play basketball every day, how should you choose the right glasses? 1. Oakley sports glasses If you prefer high-end sports eyes, you should know more about the brand Oakley. This brand is an American sports brand, and there are many functional sports glasses. If you want to be able to protect your eyes while playing basketball, Oakley's sports glasses are very worthy of our choice. There are also sports glasses of the Oakley brand, which can be directly customized. Second, Nike sports glasses The Nike brand also has sports glasses, but the styles are slightly less. In particular, sports glasses for basketball need to be booked in advance before they can be fitted, but Nike sports glasses are very comfortable and protective. In particular, the glasses are really beautiful in appearance. Nike generally considers problems such as collisions, so the protective performance is relatively strong. If we want to choose high-end sports glasses, we can also consider that the products of the Nike brand are more practical and the price is relatively more favorable. It is recommended that friends who like to play basketball choose suitable sports glasses according to the actual situation of their own degree of myopia. In fact, the above two sports glasses are the most popular and influential brand sports glasses. In terms of price, they can be based on their own. actual needs to choose. If the budget is sufficient, international brands such as Oakley are worth choosing. If the budget is average, Nike's sports glasses are relatively good, and the protective performance and usability are guaranteed.
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