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What are the professional sunglasses brand

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Many brands are now popular design and production of different products, such as car brand sunglasses will form a complete set of production, clothing brand will produce collocation of sunglasses, a look, so sunglasses is the darling of the brands. Is there a professional brand of sunglasses? Send li MengPa li of sunglasses in ascension wearing comfort at the same time, pay more attention to highlight individual temperament. The lens, on the basis of the following products consistent comfort, pay more attention to practical and functional. Send li meng women sunglasses always give a person a kind of gentle, amorous feelings of romance and comfortable, let the lady wear can feel and experience the fashion life new taste; While men sunglasses is full of strong flavor, blend in men's tenacity and hale sense into the design of glasses? SAN SAN bao bao glasses is given priority to with polarized sunglasses, polarizer is the earliest SAN bao ( PROSUN) Introduced into mainland China market, due to the lens problem such as the stability of product quality, independent research and development to do their own lenses, have their own lens factory. With independent development of patent lenses - — 'Double curvature of lens', 'double arc curved lens', and gradual polaroid, change color polaroid, PC polaroid, GTR polaroid, polarizing glass pieces and a variety of lenses. St ( PROSUN) The comprehensive fashion glasses index, functional, marketing, consumer awareness, price and other aspects have been the recognition of consumers and the industry. St ( PROSUN) Polarized sunglasses won the Chinese arctic and Antarctic expedition exclusive products, China and Russia police car skills championship is the only designated special sunglasses, etc. Jane's desire from unfamiliar material and the design of the original art peaked personality to the product and daily, design of the commercial products enjoyed by more people, GENTLE MONSTER more than 50 sunglasses new products every year. Have a round box, box, aviator sunglasses, opal form such as a variety of design and various colors, bring you greater choice space. GENTLE MONSTER usually have 4 - each product 5 kinds of color, important shape with a variety of color mixing colored design does not see more in other brands. Personality of the limited product around the world, only less than 100 pieces of high value for collection.
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