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What are the reasons for eyeballs with glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-09
We often see the symptom of exophthalmos in news or advertisements, but we do not have a good understanding of what is exophthalmos, why the exophthalmos after wearing glasses, and what causes exophthalmos, let’s follow Let's learn about what is protruding eyeballs, and what are the reasons for eyeballs wearing glasses. Exophthalmos is an abnormal state in which the eyeball is shifted forward and protrudes. If the top of the eyeball in the orbit of the cornea exceeds the upper and lower edges of the orbit, it is the so-called exophthalmos. 1. Prominence of inflammation, this disease is caused by tissue cells adjacent to the eye and systemic inflammation, such as keratitis, orbital cellulitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, panophthalmitis, etc. Inflammation of the internal tissues of the eyeballs, causing exophthalmos. 2. Intraorbital mass is one of the most common causes of exophthalmos. The onset of this disease is relatively slow. It is caused by hemangioma, meningioma, lacrimal gland mass, nerve sheath tumor and other fluids. Good treatment may also affect the health of the eyes. 3. Orbital deformity exophthalmos is also a cause of exophthalmos. This red disease causes orbital deformity for some reason, so that the volume of the orbital content becomes smaller and the exophthalmos occurs. 4. Traumatic exophthalmos refers to intraorbital hemorrhage, tissue edema, emphysema caused by local trauma to the eye and orbit, and the harmful substances inside the eyeball are not excluded from the outside, which leads to obstruction of the water chamber and can also cause exophthalmos. V. Vascular exophthalmos, which is more common in internal carotid artery cavernous sinus leakage and orbital varicose veins. 6. Thyroid exophthalmos mostly occurs in women. Due to the enlargement of the eyelid fissure and the decrease of blinking, the eyes are moderately protruding. At the same time, it promotes the performance of hyperthyroidism in the whole body, causing exophthalmos. 7. Pituitary exophthalmos mostly occurs in middle-aged men. Because of eyelid edema, bulbar conjunctival edema, eye movement disorders, eyelids can not be closed, corneal damage occurs, showing progressive eyeball, so it is also called malignant exophthalmos. It is also a disease that causes exophthalmos. 8. False exophthalmos, which is more common in high myopia, corneal staphyma, bull's eye, etc. Because of the long eye axis, it seems that you want to have exophthalmos after wearing glasses. Nine. Due to the effect of parasites in the orbit, extraneous paralysis of the local posterior bulb is caused, which causes prolapse of the eyeball. There are many causes of exophthalmos. If you find the cause of exophthalmos in your daily life, you must actively treat it to avoid eye pain, red and swollen eyes. The eyes are the gateway to our soul, and we must protect our eyes. health and safety.
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