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What are the reasons for the uncomfortable wearing of contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-17
Friends who wear contact lenses for the first time may inevitably experience some uncomfortable feelings, but as long as they choose the right contact lenses, there will be no problems with subsequent wearing, and only an adaptation process is required. In particular, the various high-quality contact lenses sold are naturally able to ensure a good wearing effect. However, there are also some people who are uncomfortable to wear, so why does this happen? The first reason is that the power is wrong. Because the power of the contact lens itself and the rim lens have some differences, especially those with astigmatism, we must pay special attention to the conversion of good power. Only by ensuring that there is no problem with the degree and meeting our requirements, the subsequent wearing will not be uncomfortable. Many people choose contact lenses for the first time without choosing the right degree. Naturally, it is uncomfortable to wear them. Reason two: base curve and poor water content. The contact lenses sold have different parameters, and everyone's base curve and eyeball conditions are different, so we definitely can't ignore it when choosing. It is recommended that you choose a suitable base arc according to your own base arc to avoid dicing or poor comfort. At the same time, the water content cannot be ignored. If it is a daily disposable contact lens, try to ensure a high water content. If it is tossed annually and half-yearly, lower water content is better. The third reason is that the front and back are wrong. Contact lenses actually have front and back sides. If they are worn back, then the comfort is definitely not good. Therefore, every time we wear contact lenses, try to distinguish the front and back as much as possible, so that naturally it can also ensure a good wearing effect. If there is no problem wearing it before, and suddenly it feels uncomfortable, it is all because of the reverse. The fourth reason is that there is a corresponding foreign body. Contact lenses with a relatively long period need to be soaked frequently, and the care solution should be replaced. If there are some foreign objects on the contact lens, there must be some discomfort. It is recommended that you change the care solution every day, and pay special attention to the cleaning of the lenses, so as to ensure good wearing comfort.
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