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What are the sequelae of myopia surgery? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-26
Many myopia patients want to use myopia surgery to correct their vision and achieve normal vision. Myopic hands also need to meet the conditions for myopia surgery. For many myopia patients, because myopia surgery is also an operation, there is a certain risk. And, some people have sequelae after myopia surgery, then, what are the sequelae of myopia surgery? Let’s take a look at it together. 1. Myopia surgery is to cut the cornea to achieve the purpose of correcting vision. In corrective surgery, there may be under-correction or over-correction, resulting in poor vision recovery. Some have a high degree of astigmatism after surgery. Moreover, if the corneal flap is particularly thin after surgery, it is not suitable for subsequent myopia surgery. 2. Glare, diplopia, especially dilated pupils at night, are easy to appear. Some have photophobia and are particularly sensitive to light. 3. Poor corneal flap ablation, this is also some during the operation, and it needs to be operated again. 4. Corneal infection, operation or postoperative cleaning and disinfection and other factors caused by improper factors. 5. Some patients with myopia have poor epidermal healing, corneal penetration, iatrogenic corneal astigmatism, secondary keratoconus, corneal opacity, fold or displacement of corneal flap, intraoperative corneal perforation with cataract and bacterial eye Enditis. 6. Dry eyes, some have dry eyes themselves, and this kind of dry eyes will be aggravated, and those that did not exist before the operation, some will also have dry eyes. 7. Some patients cannot achieve normal vision after surgery, especially those with high myopia. After surgery, some patients still need glasses to achieve better vision.
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