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What are the side effects of eye drops? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-27
Eye drops can alleviate the eyes, and eye drops can also treat some eye diseases, which are common supplies in life. As for the use of eye drops, some people don't care much, but feel that the eyes are uncomfortable. If they feel uncomfortable, they will use it. In fact, some eye drops are not used casually, and eye drops also have side effects. Let’s take a look at them together. One, eye drops cannot treat myopia. Eye drops for myopia do not actually exist. If eye drops can really treat myopia, there won't be so many nearsighted people. The eye drops for treating myopia on the market are actually eye drops that paralyze the ciliary muscles. It is not suitable for regular use, because regular use will cause the pupils to retract normally, affect the automatic adjustment of light, and be more susceptible to harmful light. Exposure to the eye will affect the health of the eyes and visual function. Some eye drops have relatively minor side effects, but there are also eye drops that have greater side effects, so you need to be more cautious. For example, eye drops used to treat eye diseases may affect other functions of the body. For example, adrenaline is one of the drugs used to treat glaucoma, but it can cause conjunctival congestion, some people will also have membrane pigmentation, and some will have side effects such as increased blood pressure. The side effects of timolol eye drops are not particularly obvious, but they have a great impact on the body. For example, those patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases need to pay attention to them. Some people will die because of the side effects. Second, antibacterial eye drops contain antibiotics, and they are not suitable for regular use. Antibacterial eye drops contain antibiotics and are not suitable for regular use. Although this type of eye drops is mainly used to treat and prevent eye infections, if used frequently, The side effects will be obvious, it will destroy the 'normal flora' and break the ecological balance of the eye, and the bacteria will also develop resistance to the drug, and the efficacy of the drug will be greatly reduced. Hormonal eye drops are generally used for non-infectious inflammation of the eye, such as postoperative inflammation, but long-term use will cause the eye’s resistance to decrease, aggravate the infection, and some may also cause other eye diseases. Such as common hormonal glaucoma and hormonal cataracts. Eye drops should be used with caution. If they are abused, the side effects of eye drops will cause greater harm.
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