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What are the signs that you may need to change your glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-21
There are so many people with myopia, and everyone must also need better glasses. However, many adults may feel that their vision has been fixed, so there is no need to change glasses later, as long as they can be well maintained. In fact, such an idea is very wrong. I suggest that everyone should determine whether the following problems have occurred. If there are similar problems, you need to replace your glasses. First, seeing things clearly does not mean that adults’ myopia will not increase, and many people face electronic devices every day, and the situation of seeing things clearly is generally caused by the increase in the degree. Although we don’t have to check every six months as we did when we were students, you should do an optometry at least once a year. It is recommended that friends over the age of 35 also pay special attention to whether they have problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia. Maybe you will need to replace multi-functional glasses at this time. Second, the glasses are deformed Most people's glasses will be worn for at least one to two years. At this time, we need to pay special attention to whether there is a serious deformation. If there is a deformation problem, it is likely to affect our seeing things, especially for some high myopia, if the interpupillary distance changes due to the deformation of the frame, your eyes will become more tired. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should determine whether the frame is deformed every year, and then adjust or replace it in time. 3. Yellowing and abrasion of lenses. Because most lenses are made of resin materials, they are very prone to oxidation problems. Yellowing may occur in two to three years. At this time, glasses should be replaced. Some friends have poor maintenance of their daily glasses, which can also cause a lot of scratches on the lenses, so you should also change your glasses, otherwise you can't see things clearly. It is recommended that everyone should pay more attention to the situation of the glasses. There are serious lens problems that need to be replaced in time.
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