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What are the sunglasses frames frequently used materials

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Summer arrived, go out to wear a pair of beautiful sunglasses of course! Both as a decoration, improve the level of appearance, and can keep out ultraviolet harmful light, such as to reduce glare, effectively protect your eyes from harm, really is a must-have in pattern of travel. Believe that many people now has a pair of sunglasses, do you know your sunglasses frames are often what materials do you use? Recommended reading: summer hits, you still struggling with the classification of the sunglasses? 1, propionic acid cellulose ester, hereinafter referred to as CP, with appropriate flexibility, toughness; Soluble in solvents to form shape, so the material should avoid contact with acetone, banana oil, organic solvent; CP in the atmosphere is not easy oxidation, decomposition, ageing, not easy combustion, the better plasticity, fluidity, so the processing and staining method is diversiform, can make a variety of colors. Based on the stability of the CP material. 2, polycarbonate, hereinafter referred to as PC material, the proportion of 1. 2, not combustion, odorless non-toxic resins, comply with the FDA and the drug administration, its characteristics with PC lens. 3, epoxy resin, also called EP plastic, good heat resistance performance, 30% lighter than common plastic, strength, high hardness, good elasticity can be made into fine and light frames. At the same time, with special memory function, so it is also called memory plastic, commonly used to make the top frame, mirror feet, etc. 4, manganese, nickel alloy, as the main alloying element is manganese, nickel alloy, nickel manganese alloy has good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. 5, TR - 90 materials ( Swiss import super toughness memory resin material) : the resilience: exercise prevent frame deformation and fracture, protect the face from harm. Memory function: special memory function, the resistance to deformation index of 620 kg/cm2. Light quality: 30% lighter than the plate of the TR - 90, can effectively reduce the weight of the glasses, make wearing more comfortable. Impact resistance: effectively resist the external shocks, is more than two plates. 6, aluminum magnesium alloy material: qualitative light, environmental protection, durable, the material is now in widespread use in the field of mobile phones, laptops and other high-tech products. 7, titanium materials: titanium metal in the process of heating, when the temperature over 860 degrees above, its molecular structure can produce change, to form a beta titanium. Beta rather than titanium, titanium density structure elastic is better than titanium, so the price is 3 times of titanium! Because of the hardness is higher than titanium, in the process of technology are better than titanium difficult and complicated. Your sunglasses frame is what material? Do you like what kind of material again? No friend go and buy a pair of sunglasses, let this summer, the sun is no longer dazzling!
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