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What are the super anti-fog goggles? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
The temperature is different between water and underwater. If the swimming goggles are not treated with anti-fogging treatment, swimming under water, the swimming goggles will fog up and things will be blurred. Generally speaking, many swimming goggles have been treated with anti-fog, but the degree of anti-fog is different. Some well-known swimming goggles have good anti-fog effects. Let’s take a look at the super anti-fog. What are the swimming goggles. Jiejia swimming goggles Jiejia, a member enterprise brand of China Swimming Equipment Committee. The brand's lens design is light and thin, and the orbital sealing performance is excellent, which is suitable for various face shapes; it is comfortable to wear and has a clear underwater vision. Jiejia swimming goggles provide power goggles for those nearsighted people, so that they can also enjoy the fun of swimming. The lens itself has anti-fog and anti-ultraviolet functions, and there is also a diffuse anti-fog agent imported from the United States, which greatly improves the anti-fog effect. Arena goggles believe that those who love swimming will know this brand of goggles, a well-recognized brand of swimming goggles, and many athletes have endorsed Arena goggles. Arena goggles also have good anti-fogging function, and the lenses are also It has good UV protection. Arena anti-fogging agent for swimming goggles is a professional anti-fogging agent for swimming goggles. If used together, the anti-fogging effect is even better. Yingfa swimming goggles is a very familiar brand for professional sportsmen. It is a well-known brand of swimwear and goggles in the sports world. Especially for its high quality, it is loved by many people who like to swim. The styles of Yingfa goggles are also diverse, making it more convenient to meet different needs. The lens is made of polycarbonate and the surface is treated with anti-fog, which can make the underwater world clear. Using cutting-edge technology and silicon rubber materials, it has the advantages of comfortable wearing and good waterproof effect.
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