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What are the symptoms of amblyopia in children? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
Amblyopia is also called visual atrophy or visual impairment. Compared with other refractive errors, amblyopia has no obvious organic changes in the fundus. Although amblyopia has no pathological changes, if it is not controlled and treated in time, it may lead to fundus lesions, and then develop into high myopia and so on. Therefore, to treat eye amblyopia, we must first understand some of the symptoms of amblyopia, let's take a look at it together. Symptoms of amblyopia in children The onset period of amblyopia is in the stage of eye development, that is, the stage of visual function development, usually before the age of five. Due to the relatively large accommodative power of the eyes, it affects the perception of visual cortex cells to receive information, resulting in a decline in visual function and the emergence of amblyopic eyes. Under normal circumstances, amblyopic eyes will often show the following symptoms, such as: the eyes will have white reflections under normal conditions, or the reflexes in the bilateral pupils are asymmetric; children with amblyopia will often squint to see things , or squinting and tilting the head to look at things; if amblyopia is not treated and controlled in time, it may cause lesions in the fundus and lead to the formation of myopia; there is no blinking reflection of strong light, and it is impossible to predict the arrival of light, resulting in The phenomenon of blurred vision; amblyopia is divided according to the nature, there are five kinds of amblyopia, strabismus amblyopia, form deprivation amblyopia, refractive error amblyopia, anisometropic amblyopia, and congenital amblyopia. For congenital amblyopia, it may be related to macular hemorrhage, which will directly affect the function and development of visual cells, and frequent nystagmus or visual impairment may also occur. No matter what type of amblyopia it is, remember to do regular visual inspections. If it is found that the visual acuity drops to more than 100°, it must be controlled by wearing appropriate frame glasses to avoid increasing the degree of visual acuity. Usually pay more attention to eye hygiene, do not watch the computer screen for a long time, and look into the distance every hour, which can effectively relieve the optic nerve. Usually eat more vegetables, fruits, or appropriate protein supplements to improve the resistance of the eyes.
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