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What are the tips for beginners to wear contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-26
It is true that the wearing effect of contact lenses is still very beautiful, especially all kinds of beauty lenses can also improve our temperament and make our eyes look more beautiful. There are many different contact lenses, and they are all directly supplied by the brand, with favorable prices and guaranteed quality. However, if you are a novice, you may be uncomfortable wearing contact lenses. Today, I will briefly introduce how newbies should wear contact lenses and what are the different techniques. Choosing the right contact lenses Because novices themselves are not very good at wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to choose some contact lenses with better stereotypes. There are many contact lenses that are thrown every six months or every year because they have a better setting effect, because their water content is relatively low, so they will not be very soft. These contact lenses are easy to wear and easy to take off, so they are very suitable for beginners. Of course, we don't have to wear it for a year, we can replace it directly in one or two months. Pay attention to the method of wearing It is actually more convenient to wear contact lenses than to take off contact lenses. After cleaning our hands, we put the contact lens directly on the index finger, and we must distinguish the front and back before wearing the contact lens. Then open your upper and lower eyelids directly with your left hand, and then put the contact lens directly on your eyeball, and you can put on the contact lens directly. Do not wear it directly on the pupil, and then directly rotate your eyeball to ensure the wearing effect. How to remove contact lenses Many novices do not know how to remove contact lenses. You can first open your upper and lower eyelids with your left hand, and then simply turn your eyeballs to see the contact lenses fall directly. In particular, the thickness of the contact lenses is relatively large, so it is easier to remove them. Of course, if you can't remove it like this, you can also remove it directly with your index finger and thumb, but the nails should not be too long. It is recommended that you practice a few more times, so as not to scratch our eyeballs.
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